My first…”dilemma”

There are 347 days until the big run.  Today marks the first weigh-in where I’ve seen a significant amount of movement.

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I wrote about the walk-to-run program that I started, and as I’m getting started I’m coming up against a small (but positive) problem.


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7 thoughts on “My first…”dilemma”

  1. Kelly Harp says:

    Hi! I am following your journey! First I must say I am in aw of you signing up for a MARATHON first!! GREAT JOB!! Really running is a mental sport. If you can get in your mind you can do it, then you can!! I signed up for my first half marathon this September. I have run a few 5Ks, one 10K and last month 15K.
    I would stick with the program the best you can. You don’t want to jump ahead and injure yourself. If you want to do something more, maybe try a different exercise to build up endurance. I noticed you signed up with NIKE they have a GREAT training program for every race, 5K, 10K, Half and Full Marathon. Look under the coach section. I did the Half Marathon Program, followed it mileage wise to the letter and was fully ready for a half marathon but mentally checked out and did the 15K.
    Either way great job! And I look forward to reading about your journey.

  2. I would stick with the program! I’m in a similar situation.. I was running for a while but fell off the bandwagon and am getting back into it. I want to jump ahead a week or two in the program I’m doing, but I decided to stick with it so I don’t injure myself. ;)

  3. I think it’s important to stick with it. I’ve skipped forward before a few years ago when I was more of a runner and I found that I got injured a lot easier (minor stuff – side stitches, throbbing joints, shin splints) plus when it starts to become harder, I didn’t do as well. I’ve recently taken up running again and I’m totally sticking with it even though I can easily run 5 or 10 minutes at a time.

  4. […] Earlier this week I wrote about what I called a “dilemma” – the short story is this: I’m doing a walk-to-run program and the first day was really easy.  I didn’t know if I should skip ahead a few days or just trust the process. […]

  5. landileigh says:

    Grete Waitz was the PREMIER Marathoner. I would follow her program in a heartbeat. I ran Cross Country and Track in my teens, and every new season we would start out in the most tedious (we thought) workouts. But it helped in the long run with the least amount of injuries. It is hell to come back from a shin splint or hamstring pull. Remember to always do your stretches!!!

  6. Mike, follow the plan! There are plenty of LONG runs that will kick your ass! Take advantage of the short runs, they’ll be gone before you know it!

  7. Dandi says:

    You should stick with the plan. You may be able to do more today, but you are running a marathon, not a quick race. A marathon is not about what you can do in the short term but about endurance. If you push too hard too soon you may injure yourself. I often want to run “more” and I tell myself mentally, “Great! then come back tomorrow and you can do more.” To have success long term with your training you need to walk when your supposed to walk, run on run days. Do these things and you will find your stride and be successful. Good luck I will be following your progress.

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